Airlines and hotels are complex, sensitive businesses.

The current inventory distribution system is getting more complex and expensive—with hotels and airlines paying the price. Fees and commissions splits, advertising costs increasing, and vendors competing it's harder than ever to make a healthy margin.

Blockskye shifts the balance of power back to hotels and airlines, driven by the power of decentralization.
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Our Product

The Blockskye platform allows you to securely target prices at specific user groups all while getting real time feedback and opening up your transactions to third-party opportunities and integrations.

Blockskye frees vendors from BAR. Generate custom rates at the moment of query, based on dynamic and verified user detail and inventory status. Deliver private, one-to-one rates based on purchase history, demographics, corporate employee group, affiliate status and discount eligibility.

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Customize to
your needs.

Design your rate, set your seasons and paramters, and pick the seat an nightly rate. Lastly, add your extras to complete the package. It's that simple.

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Choose credible

Target your rate to specific groups. Only your target users will ever be able to see and book your rate. With Blockskye, every rate is private.

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Get real-time

Check your account and 
see how your rates are performing. Get insights, make adjustments, and keep track of bookings seamlessly.


One Step Setup

Bring your inventory into Blockskye with inBlock, our custom inventory managment platform.

Once we've verified your inventory and your credentials, you are ready to design and target your rates.

Truly Private

Our rates are truly private. You pick your customers.

We work with our online partners to publish your rate to their private groups. Access to our partner sites is strictly controlled. Travelers can not request access or simply sign up—they must be part of a targeted user group that you control with your account on Blockskye.

One place for everything

A single, consistent platform.

Edits to the record are made through Blockskye. Inventory units are generated through Blockskye. Blockskye also serves inventory details, specifications, and media.

Is Blockskye for you?

Our broad spectrum application and opportunities for secure third-party integrations make Blockskye a great tool for everyone.

Developer PNRs

Open-source PNR segments that have plenty of "dynamic slots" for software integrations.

Traveler Managers

One global inventory system, custom PNR–based reporting and policy compliance functions.


Live and verified data for machine learning, itinerary building, and rate setting.

Air & Hotel Vendors

No fees. Open-source, direct-to-traveler transactions.


Fully transparent transactions for security and safety.

"When you change the way that records are kept, you change the way that transactions are made. When you change the way transactions are made, you transform industries."

Brook Armstrong,

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The Technology

Control your data, control your business.

We use blockchain to drive our pre-and-post transaction analytics. We work with you to ensure that the greatest possible data set is applied to your bookings. With Blockskye, you can empower your sales team with blockchain technology.

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Our Team

Expert background, solid vision.


Brook Armstrong

CEO & Co-Founder

Brook has seven years of travel-industry experience and is passionate about eliminating the inefficiencies in legacy travel systems and making travel easier and more accessible. Columbia University BA. Brook also serves as Managing Partner of OutofOffice and Next Corporate Travel.


Michael Share

COO & Co-Founder

Michael has fifteen years of travel-industry experience as the former CEO and co-founder of Seagate/Advanged, which became HRG North America. He is excited to be part of the wave of technology generation in the travel industry. UCLA BA, Universite Sorbonne. Michael also serves as Managing Partner of OutofOffice and Next Corporate Travel.

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Matt Lewis

CTO & Co-Founder

Matt brings three years of travel-industry experience to bear on his seven years spent working on software development and product management. University of Chicago BA. Matt also serves as CTO of OutofOffice.

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Jerry Behrens


Jerry Behrens served as a partner in and Senior Vice President of both the Travel Leaders Group and Tzell Travel Group. Mr. Behrens sits on numerous airline advisory boards as well as ARC's Travel Executive Council.